Silicon Valley

Interpreted for several Silicon Valley’s companies, including:

Google, ebay, Adobe, Cisco, Webex, Twiter, Oracle, Symantec, HP, Yahoo, Tesla, Salesforce, IBM, Novell, Sun Microsystems, Singularity University, Orange Labs, Charles Schwab, Fry’s, Foursquare, Sunpower, Ideo, Swissnex, Citrix, 3Com, Yelp, Placecast, LinkedIn, Autodesk,, Airbnb, TechShop, Swinerton Builders, Project Frog, Yerdle, Free Range Studios, Alter Eco, Delancey Street Foundation, Lightsail Energy, Nest Labs, Seedz, Standford Sustainability and Energy Management, DBL Investors, ABB, Schneider Electric & Renault Innovation, Sungevity, Rocketspace, Orange Silicon Valley, Meta, Flextronics, Lemnos Labs, AME, LMAS, Citris, Bluesprout and a lot more.