LexiconUSA, LLC

Ms. Sperling has been considered our top French < > English interpreter for the last 9-10 years. Her job performance is simply excellent. We wholeheartedly would recommend her services.

In addition, there are two components to Ms. Sperling that truly makes her stand heads-and-shoulder above her colleagues and that is her amazing personality and professionalism. No matter what the situation she always remains calm and collected and has never once failed to live up to her word and simply exudes amazing grace - always.

Yes, we would and will continue to work with Ethele for many years to come.

P. Madison Segat



Ethele has been a dedicated and valuable part of our international proposal teams for many years.
Her ability to provide French / English simultaneous translation in highly professional settings with
extremely technical requirements are impressive indeed. Ethele's professionalism, dependability,
and work ethic are equally impressive.

Richard Sidlo

International Business Analyst

Brand Graphics

The following is to confirm that Ethele Sperling has provided French translations for promotional retail packaging and product manuals for a variety of products marketed to Wal-Mart stores in Canada.

The turnaround time and accuracy is outstanding.
We look forward to working with Ethele in future business cycles.

Vicente A. Madrid


Raytheon Company

Quite simply, Ethele has been indispensable to our efforts in-country. In addition to her services as a interpreter, which are quite literally peerless, her familiarity with the local culture, her relationships with many of the personalities we've dealt with, and her ease with the specific protocols, customs, and sensitivities of our clients have made her an irreplaceable asset to our business pursuits. I would regard it as a serious handicap to work in-country without her.

Duane Beck

Engineering Fellow

Japan Pacific Publications, Seattle

We have utilized Ethele Salem Sperling as our primary provider for French translations for over a decade. I have been extremely pleased with her accuracy, attention to detail and prompt service.

Andrew Taylor


Raytheon Company

Ms. Sperling has worked with me and my team for several years as both a translator and an interpreter. I can only say that she is the consummate professional. Her translations are accurate, even in this demanding technical field, and her skills as a simultaneous interpeter are outstanding. She is highly respected by my customers for her skill and her professionalism. I would highly recommend Ms. Sperling to anyone who is looking for an excellent translator or interpreter.

Mike Miller

Manager, International ISR Systems

Blague Communications

Ms Salem-Sperling is a responsible and driven professional, with excellent communication skills. I have hired her as a conference interpreter numerous times, and she has never failed to deliver in terms of preparedness, accuracy and professionalism.




Ms. Sperling's level of skill, competence, service and dedication are second to none. She brings the benefit of her broad and extensive experience to every assignment. Additionally, she has an unique ability to participate as a critical team member to ensure that the message is communicated in the most successful way. Top notch - highly recommended!

David Beavers

Business Manager

Raytheon Technical Service Company, LLC

Ethele Sperling recently assisted our company team in negotiations with an African nation, translating our English dialogue into French and vice versa. We were amazed at her ability. Her translations are literal, and almost simultaneous with no noticeable delay. Without Ethele's expert assistance, our negotiations would have been much more difficult, if not unsuccessful. I would engage anyone but Ethele for future translation assistance.

Guy Renfro

International Contracts Manager

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

Ethele is an outstanding translator-interpreter for meetings with foreign government executives and military officers at high levels. Her simultaneous translation and interpretation of techical and complex concepts is always clear, concise and understandable and foreign audiences appreciate her communication skills and personable business approach. I highly recommend Ethele to any company or executive who wishes to present a professional and clear understanding of their products or services to their customers.

Kent Swanson


Real Change Network

In the capacity of professional interpreter and logistics director, Ethele takes full responsibility for a high quality interpretation and logistical experience for the participants in our programs.
Beyond her exemplary professionalism, Ethele constantly adds value to the experience of our clients by generously sharing her insights, knowledge and practical cultural tips when we work with non-US executives.

Christian Forthomme